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"we don't do furnace repairs, but the name is catchy....
....Search Engine Optimization (SEO)"

Your homework assignment (what is needed to fully get the SEO to work).

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.   (getting higher SEO is higher on the search engines)              

Feel free to edit this actual document with your words, descriptions etc….

Take time to research your keywords.  A good rule of thumb is to look at each phrase and ask yourself, if I was using that keyword phrase to search, would I be interested in buying my product?  If the answer is yes, you've got a quality target keyword phrases, if no, don't bother.


Title "start" words

These words form the beginning part of each cloaked page's Title. They are also sprinkled throughout the content of the page. For best results, consider adding "short phrases", rather than single words.

Entries here should generally be 1-2 words or even the first part of a sentence or phrase fragments, such as 'home remodeling'.             


GOAL:  approximately 20 entries, 1-4 words each


Title "end" words

These words form the ending part of the Title for each page that is presented to the search engine. These words always appear at the end of the title, so they should be fragments or phrases that are most appropriate and make when paired with the words/phrases above.   A good example of title end words would be As Seen On TV or Reduced To Wholesale Prices... you get the idea. These title suffix words do not have to be phrases, they can be just single words as well.

GOAL:  approximately 20 entries, 1-4 words each


SUMMARY:  Title "start" words (and) Title "end" words


Let's say one of your Title “start” Word phrase is “discount shoes”.
Let's say one of your Title “end” Word phrases is “below wholesale prices”.    

Now, when Steve’s software generates your SEO webpage, the title will read “discount shoes below wholesale prices”.


See how easy that is. The more combinations you have, the more varied your titles, and the more likely you will "hit" a Google sweet spot.



 Meta descriptions

Some search engines use them to describe your site in their listings.  These entries should be complete sentences.    These are used by search engines to rank your site.

These descriptions are also "invisibly" presented on the cloaked page in the META description tag.  (we take care of this part).

GOAL:  You should try to at least put 10 to 20 full sentences here with your keyword phrases in the sentences.


Target words

These words form the bulk of your cloaked pages.  These should include highly-searched for single words and phrases.  Include lots of words that describe your site.  But do not repeat the same keyword over and over, or include it too many times in different forms (e.g., "real estate dallas", "real estate austin", "real estate texas").  If you do this, it will "overload" the page with a single keyword which is a surefire way for the engines to ignore your pages.

Try and put 60+ keyword phrases and words here that are related to your keywords.  The more, the better! Why?  Because the more words you have, the less "spammy" your pages will look to the engines, and the more varied and realistic they will appear! Try not to repeat the same word over and over again -- this will simply "overload" your pages with certain keywords, making the engines very suspicious.

MISSPELLINGS:  List words that were searched for frequently.   Think about misspellings too.   Include frequently misspelled words too since people will accidently misspell on their Google search and you want to still show up in their search results.   Misspelling Example:  Correct spelling:  Equifax    Misspelling: Equfax       

A good way to understand how to use this section is to look at it this way.  Include keywords directly and indirectly related to your service/product.
DIRECTLY RELATED: Let's say we are still in the Shoe business.  OK, you sell Shoes, what kind of Shoes?  Maybe Nike, K-Swiss, and Reebok.  OK those are directly related to your product and keyword phrases. They are also directly related to what people most likely search for.   So definitely include these words!    

INDIRECTLY RELATED:  And then start including parts of shoes -- "laces", "soles", "rubber shoes", "leather shoes", and so on.  These might not be entirely related to your site -- and, in fact, you might not even sell rubber shoes.  


GOAL:  60+ keyword phrases and words that are related to your keywords.    

Include misspellings. 

Include directly and indirectly related keywords.



Short description describing the benefits of your service.   

GOAL:  You should try to list 10 short descriptions describing the benefits of your service/product.

Adobe PDF version of your homework


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