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Steve Cook
Phone and Text: 651-321-3131
Email:  steve    @    judgmentcenter.com 

Once you make payment you will be sent to this webpage for further instructions. 


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Bathroom policy:  All employees, contractors and guests/visitors MUST use the restroom and locker room of the gender on their original birth certificate, not what gender they might identify with.

Transgenders have to use the bathroom of the gender they were born with, failure to do so, will result in arrest.  If an employee it will result in immediate termination. 

This is to protect the privacy of the restroom to the people of the same gender.  Females use the Woman's restrooms and locker room.  Males use the Menes restrooms and locker room.   This is for the safety for all.

English Only company:  All employees will communicate in English only. 

Sharia Law:  We will not hire anyone that believes in Sharia law.  Anyone who supports Sharia law means they do not believe in FULL woman's rights.  We will not do business with anyone that believes that women do not have the right to go out in public by herself, right to vote, right to drive, right to talk to anyone the woman wants to, or have to cover their face.

No job applications from these people:

  • Felons on your record  (if it hasn't been expunged)

  • Have a gross misdemeanor on your record  (if not expunged)

  • Have a misdemeanor on your record (if not expunged)

  • Democrats:  Especially Democrats who support Obama or Clinton.  Democrats lie to get their point across, democrats use emotion instead of logic and facts, especially when talking about gun control.

Yes, that is Steve's golden retriever Dusty wearing boots in the snow in Minnesota.... 


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