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"we don't do furnace repairs, but the name is catchy....
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We only communicate in English

Only English is used here on the job.  If you do not know it well, the more you practice it the better you will get.

Voicemail only:  651 - 321 -  1801
This is a voicemail only system, I do not have the ability to talk to you on it.

Send an email for a quicker response:
steve   @   allhomebased.com

We support Trump and DeSantis.  We know that Trump's 2021 presidency was stolen.

No rental applications taken from Democrats:
No job applications taken from Democrats:
No sales to Democrats:

Being a democrat is not a protected class, so I will discriminate against you.

I own a 4-plex apartment building, plus 5 rental homes, not counting my own home.   I will not rent to democrats. 

If one slimy democrat get in, I will not renew their lease.   I will enforce the lease exactly as written, which means if they break it, I will evict them as I did one time when they got a cat that they were not authorized to (it peed all over the carpet that was new when they moved in, ruined the carpet and padding).

No job applications taken from Democrats:

Being a democrat is not a protected class, so I will discriminate against you.

I manage (my full time job) a team of 8.   I hire and fire as needed.  

If one slimy democrat get in, I will terminate them just for being a democrat.  I can fire anyone for any reason not related to the discrimination laws (such as religion, race, gender, national origin).

No Illegal aliens. 

I will make sure no illegal aliens are ever hired, or if one gets in, we will terminate them, but we will call the INS and have them arrested for identity theft first.

They are all scum anyway.  They sneak across the border like cockroaches.  My ancestors came over legally, so should all.....

Sanctuary Cities

We will NOT do business with anyone that has a shipping/mailing address in any sanctuary city like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, San Jose etc....

Bathroom Policy

Everyone MUST use the bathroom/restroom and lockeroom/shower of the gender they were born with.  

Females have a vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and are the only people that can get pregnant.

Males have penis and balls and can never get pregnant.

Sharia Law:

We will not hire anyone that believes in Sharia Law. 

Anyone that supports Sharia Law means they do not believe in woman's rights.

How sick is anyone that believes a woman has to cover her hair, can't vote, teach, drive a car, talk to anyone they choose to or eve just go out in public by themselves.

We don't care what religion you have, but not the sickness of Sharia Law.   All religions welcome except Sharia Law supporters and believers.

No job applications or rental applications taken these people:

Felony conviction (not expunged)
Gross misdemeanor conviction (not expunged)
Misdemeanor conviction (not expunged)

 (not expunged) (not expunged)

All of these statements are legal, protected by the US Constitution.  And all these are true.


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